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Welcome to North America's largest materials supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds. From urethanes and epoxies to specialty waxes, vacuum bagging materials, and silicone rubber. Freeman offers the most comprehensive selection of materials for prototyping, mold-making, modeling, toolmaking, composites manufacturing, and foundry patternmaking.

Celebrating over 100 years of excellence, Freeman is the one-stop materials supplier to industries that design, develop, and manufacture products to precise sizes and shapes. Our materials begin where the initial designs and software end and are used in nearly every stage until the very high production (usually metal) tooling investment is ready to be made.


Freeman's products are used in literally thousands of applications in hundreds of industries. The following areas just scratch the surface of how our products are used.

Foundry Tooling

For 100 years, we've been the ultimate one-stop shop for the patternmaker and foundryman.

Automotive & Aerospace Tooling

The largest and highest quality selection of materials to create precise tooling.


From the styling, modeling, and rapid prototyping of plastic and rubber parts to low production runs.


From machining and casting of molds and patterns to creation of plug assists and support tooling.

Composites Manufacturing

The construction of parts from fiberglass or carbon fiber materials has been pushing the boundaries of strength, durability, and light weight.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Freeman is one of the top manufacturers of jewelry injection waxes, carving waxes, and other specialty products for the jewelry industry.

Architectural Castings

From architectural molding and restoration for many indoor and outdoor applications to modern decor and set design.

Art Castings

From the duplication of figurines and sculptures to the making of pottery, ceramics, and other ornamental castings.

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The fastest way to get product pricing and availability is to use our online quote system. Simply browse to the product page (or use our search engine), enter quantity, and then click the Quote button. We will be able to provide pricing, inventory, shipping estimates, and more -- usually within an hour.

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